Fitted Kitchen Middlesex

Customer Name
Myles Dawson and Karan Hutchinson
52 Clarence Road, Teddington.

We first came across Keller whilst holidaying in Lytham. We had popped in for a browse as we were getting ideas together for a kitchen in an extension we were to build on our house in Middlesex.

We got idly chatting and it soon became apparent the designer Robert had a quick grasp of what it was we wanted to achieve and despite being told we were from London and only browsing he was keen to engage and offer advice and even did some sketches; so keen in fact that six months later we sent him the architects plans and to cut a long story short 18 months later Keller installed the kitchen of our dreams.

The whole process was completed without them even visiting our home until the installation at which point the delivery was on the Wednesday, the men arrived prompt on the Thursday morning and by late Friday afternoon everything was in and complete and the Corian man was making the worktop templates which arrived ten days later. The whole operation was carried out with military precision.

We are so pleased as our kitchen looks amazing; thanks Robert!

Myles Dawson  and Karan Hutchinson

Fitted Kitchen Lytham St Annes

Customer Name
Howard and Julia Lipman
Lytham St Annes

Typically, we started our kitchen project by shopping around and having a couple of designs prepared by different suppliers. One did the obvious and prepared a design similar to the kitchen we already had by simply replacing new units and appliances for the existing ones. Robert on the other hand took a blank canvas, radical approach which brought exciting drama into the world of functionality.

The tradespeople did an excellent job creating as little fuss as possible under the circumstances. There is bound to be disruption with a kitchen project but it was kept to a minimum. With site managing by Robert exuding quiet assured confidence, we never doubted we had made the right choice.

Now that the kitchen has been finished for a few months I can comfortably say that Robert was absolutely right and we are genuinely delighted with the end result which has been a real focus for admiring visitors. A fabulous clean look, excellent ergonomic attention to detail and most importantly a kitchen we have always wanted.

On a simple level a kitchen can be a number of cupboards and drawers punctuated by appliances but with Robert’s imagination and expertise, practicality can be seriously enhanced by beautiful no compromise design.


Fitted Kitchen Leyland

Customer Name
Mike and Julia Bennison

"We had two or three companies come round to look at our kitchen but all they could do was ask us what we wanted and when we said we didn't know and that we were looking for ideas from them they just offered us the same layout as we had but new.

Robert came round and although not giving much away on the visit very soon got back to us with a truly inspirational design, I mean, who'd ever have thought the sink wouldn't stay under the window?

The trouble is the others wouldn't be bold and take risks, they just want to play safe and have an easy life.

We're very pleased with our new kitchen, it's everything we wanted and more besides".

Mike and Julia Bennison

Fitted Home Office/Study

Customer Name
Stuart and Anne Cowgill
St Annes-on-Sea

When it came time to introduce an office to our home we instinctively turned to Keller Design for inspiration and guidance. We had previous experience of their 'outside the box' thinking back in 2009 when we had wanted out kitchen modernising.

As before the Designer rose to the challenge this time creating for us a lovely office that more than fulfilled our wish list and exceeded our expectations in terms of storage, function and style.

Both Anne and I have ample space to work together in the room at our individual 'stations' despite the room being small and having set some challenges being unusual in shape.

There seems to be nothing Keller likes more than a challenge so go and tell them something can't be done if you really want it doing.

Stuart & Anne Cowgill.


New kitchen

Customer Name
Irene Curzon

Dear Mr Lockwood

We are, as you know, very happy with our kitchen and would be very happy to recommend both your design skills and installation abilities to anyone who needed a new kitchen.

As it is Chinese New Year now we wish you Kung Hei Fat Choy which is a wish for fortune and prosperity.

Best wishes

Irene Curzon

Fitted wardrobes

Customer Name
Pauline Ward
Meadow Cottage

Dear Robert,

Just a brief note of thanks for the excellent manner in which you fitted our wardrobes. It was a positively painless operation and I can honestly add I'm delighted with the result.

Pauline Ward

New Fitted Bedroom.

Customer Name
Elizabeth Jane Porter.
The Old Cottage, Shootersway,

Dear Mr Lockwood.

Thank you for your good work, it all really looks lovely and blends in very prettily with the cottage. The room is quite transformed and all our visitors have made very complimentary remarks about it all.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Jane Porter.